Editor In Chief:

Dr. Amjad M. Daoud,

ACM JORDAN ISWSA Professional Chapter (Chairman)

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  Dr. Amjad M. Daoud Amjad M. Daoud Information Retrieval, Hash Functions,

Order Preserving Minimal Perfect,

Order-Preserving Minimal Perfect Hash,

Perfect Hash Functions

 Practical Minimal Perfect Hash Functions for Large Databases

(1992) at Commun. ACM (Cited By 99)

 Isra University, Jordan

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  Dr. Maytham Safar Maytham Safar Road Networks,

Wireless Sensor Networks,

Efficient Retrieval,

Spatial Networks,

Network Voronoi Diagram

 Image Retrieval by Shape: A Comparative Study

(2000) at IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (I)

(Cited By 86)

 Kuwait University, Kuwait
  Dr. Omar El-Khatib Omar El-Khatib Answer Set Programs,

answer set semantics,

Answer Set Programming,

Answer Set Solver,

Logic Programs

 Justifications for Logic Programs under Answer Set Semantics

(2008) at CoRR (Cited By 16)

 Isra University, Jordan
  Dr. Nimrod Megiddo Nimrod Megiddo linear programming,

Improved Algorithms,

Linear Complementarity Problems,

Interior Point Algorithms,

Linear Inequalities

 Linear-Time Algorithms for Linear Programming in R^3 and Related Problems

(1982) at FOCS (Cited By 534)

 IBM Almaden Research Center, USA
  Director Bernard Blandin Bernard Blandin Online Learning Programs,

Usability Evaluation

 Usability Evaluation of Online Learning Programs

(2005) at Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology (V)

(Cited By 14)

 CESI Group, France
  Dr. Bardo Fraunholz Bardo Fraunholz National Self Monitoring,

Remote Offshore Monitoring,

Ageing Population,

Mobile Payment Adoption,

Preliminary Study

 Inhibitors and Facilitators for Mobile Payment Adoption in Australia: A Preliminary Study

 (2005) at ICMB (Cited By 16)

 Deakin University, Australia
  Dr. Nathalie Mitton  Nathalie Mitton Ad Hoc Networks,

Clustered Multi-hop Wireless Networks,

Self-Organized Multihop Wireless Networks,

Self-Organizing Sensor Networks,

Self-Stabilizing Wireless Networks

 Self-Stabilization in Self-Organized Multihop Wireless Networks

(2005) at ICDCS Workshops (Cited By 26)

 University of Lille, France
  Dr. Elpida Tzafestas Elpida Tzafestas Artificial Stock Market,

Case Study,

Comparative Study,

Complex Systems Education,

Exploring Social Phenomena

 Computational Intelligence Techniques for Short-Term Electric Load Forecasting

 (2001) at Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems (Cited By 53)

 University of Athens, GREECE
  Dr. Denise Whitelock Denise Whitelock distance learning,

mediating learning,

on-line learning environment,

teaching distance

 Monitoring a CMC environment created for distance learning

(1997) at J. Comp. Assisted Learning (Cited By 25)

 The Open University, UK
  Dr. Anna Trifonova Anna Trifonova Mobile Learning,

Learning Management Systems,

Mobile Settings,

software engineering

 A General Architecture to Support Mobility in Learning

(2004) at ICALT (Cited By 34)

 University of Barcelona (UB), Spain
  Dr. Zi (Helen) Huang Zi Huang Dimension-Specific Search,

Dimensionality reduction,

protein structure matching,

Efficient Video Similarity Search,

Online Near-Duplicate Video Clip

 UQLIPS: A Real-time Near-duplicate Video Clip Detection System

 (2007) at VLDB (Cited By 12)

 The University of Queensland, Australia
  Dr. Ikhlas Abdel-Qader Ikhlas Abdel-Qader PCA-Based algorithm,

unsupervised bridge crack detection

 PCA-Based algorithm for unsupervised bridge crack detection

 (2006) at Advances in Engineering Software (Cited By 9)

 Western Michigan University, USA
  Dr. Daniela Grigori Daniela Grigori service retrieval,

behavioral matchmaking,

Support Cooperative Processes,

Process Technology,

conversation protocol

 Developing Adapters for Web Services Integration

(2005) at CAiSE (Cited By 133)

 Universite de Versailles St-Quentin en Yvelines, France
  Dr. Marie-Helene Abel Marie-Helene Abel organizational learning context,

organizational memory,

E-Learning Context,

Topic Maps,

Learning Object Indexing

 A Web Plaform for Innovation Process Facilitation.

(2009) (Cited By 0)

 Universite de Technologie de Compiegne, France
  Dr. Federica Cena  Federica Cena Adaptive Hypermedia Systems,

Feature-Based User Model Interoperability,

Interoperable User Modeling,

Interoperable User Models,

Support User Model Interoperability

 Towards a Tag-Based User Model: How Can User Model Benefit from Tags?

(2007) at User Modeling (Cited By 26)

 Universita degli Studi di Torino, Italy
  Dr. Ismail Khalil Ismail Khalil Ibrahim Ubiquitous Environments,

Electronic Institutions,

Pervasive Environments,

Web Repositories Promised,

Editing Pervasive Portals

 Agent Solutions for E-Business Transactions

(2001) at DEXA Workshop (Cited By 8)

 Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
  Dr. Christopher Douce Christopher Douce automatic test-based assessment  Automatic test-based assessment of programming: A review

(2005) at ACM Journal of Educational Resources in Computing (Cited By 28)

 The Open University, UK
  Dr. Khamis Omar        Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan
  Dr. Baha Khasawneh        Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan
  Dr. Jehad Al-Sadi Jehad Al-Sadi Fault-Tolerant Routing,

Learning Management System,

k-Ary n-Cubes,

Probability-based Fault-tolerant Routing,

fault-tolerant routing algorithm

 Unsafety vectors: a new fault-tolerant routing for the binary n-cube

(2002) at Journal of Systems Architecture (Cited By 17)

 Arab Open University, Jordan
  Dr. Ahmad T. Al-Taani Ahmad T. Al-Taani Arabic Web-pages,

Hand-Written Arabic Characters,

Web-pages Classification,

Car Failure Diagnosis,

Comparative Study

 An Expert System for Car Failure Diagnosis

 (2005) at IEC (Prague) (Cited By 1)

 Yarmouk University, Jordan
  Dr. Masoud Alghoniemy        University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, USA
  Dr. Amjad Gawanmeh Amjad Gawanmeh Group Key Management Protocols,

MDG Tool, formal verification,

Enabling SystemC Verification,

Verification Approach

 Enabling SystemC Verification using Abstract State Machines

 (2004) at FDL (Cited By 18)

 Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  Prof. Mohd Adam Suhaimi Mohd. Adam Suhaimi BBBOnline Guidelines,

Ethical Web Design,

IPv6 protocol,

Malaysian Websites,

QoS performance

 E-Commerce and Ethical Web Design: Applying the BBBOnline Guidelines on Malaysian Websites

(2005) at Int. Arab J. Inf. Technol. (Cited By 0)

 International Islamic University, Malaysia
  Dr. Katerina Papanikolaou Katerina Papanikolaou Corporate e-Learning Systems,

Quality Games-based e-Learning Systems,

Critical Success Factors,

Design Model,

Mobile Learning Applications

 Critical Success Factors for the Development of Mobile Learning Applications

(2006) at EuroIMSA (Cited By 8)

 European University, Cyprus
  Prof. Abdulrazzak Charbaji        Lebanese American University, Lebanon
  Dr Adnan m Albar        King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia

  Dr. Nael Hirzallah

Nael Hirzallah Software Product Quality Attributes,

new approach,

ontological relationship

 Building ontological relationships: A new approach

 (2008) at JASIST (Cited By 1)

 Fahad Bin Sultan National University, Saudi Arabia
  Dr. Amjad Mahmood Amjad Mahmood Information Systems,

adaptive file allocation,

Computing Systems,

Task Allocation,

Data Reorganization

 Adaptive file allocation in distributed computer systems

(1994) at Distributed Systems Engineering (Cited By 2)

 University of Bahrain, Bahrain 
  Dr. Belal Sababha        Oakland University, USA
  Dr. Amer AL-Nassiri Amer Al-Nassiri Off-Line Arabic Handwritten Word,

Rotational Invariant Segments Features,

Text Compression

 Off-Line Arabic Handwritten Word Segmentation Using Rotational Invariant Segments Features

(2008) at Int. Arab J. Inf. Technol. (Cited By 1)

 Ajman University of Sciences and Technology, UAE
  Dr Abdurazzag A. Aburas        International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia
  Dr. Amjad M. Abuloum        The Hashemite University, Jordan
  Dr. Nasser Alzeidi Nasser Alzeidi busy virtual channel,

new approach,

new general method,

new modelling approach,

virtual channel

 User-Based Testing of GUI Sequences and Their Interactions

(2001) at ISSRE (Cited By 36)

 Sultan Qabos University, Oman
  Dr.Shihadeh Alqrainy        Albalqa Applied University, Jordan
  Dr. Bassel Arafeh Bassel R. Arafeh Parallel Programs,

Parallel Application Tasks,

Scheduling Tasks,

fault-tolerant communication scheme,

task duplication scheme

 A multilevel partitioning approach for efficient tasks allocation in heterogeneous distributed systems

(2008) at Journal of Systems Architecture - Embedded Systems Design (Cited By 4)

 Sultan Qabos University, Oman
  Dr. Fadi Harb        Isra University, Jordan
  Prof. Abdelkader Belkhir        Universite des Sciences et de la Technologie H.B., Algeria
  Dr. Tahar Bouhadada Tahar Bouhadada Distance Learning Environment,

Human Companion,

Troublemaker Companion,

Virtual Cooperative Learning Environment,

Intelligent Tutoring System

 DB-TUTOR: An Intelligent Tutoring System Using a Troublemaker Companion

 (2001) at AICCSA (Cited By 2)

 Universite Badji Mokhtar, Algeria
  Dr. Badariah Bte. Solemon        College of IT Portal (CIP), Malaysia
  Ibrahim N. Abu-Isbeih        Philadelphia University, Jordan
  Dr Abderrahmane Lakash        UAE University, UAE
  Dr. Fouad Jameel Ibrahim        USAID Tatwer, Iraq
  Nicola Capuano Nicola Capuano e-Learning Platform,

Grid Technology,

SME Manager Upgrade,

Building Next Generation Learning,

Complex Learning Experiences

 How to Use GRID Technology for Building Next Generation Learning Environments

(2003) at LeGE-WG 2 (Cited By 25)

 University of Salerno, Italy
  Celine Llewellyn-Jones        University of East London, UK