IJJ: The Research Bulletin of JORDAN ACM - ISWSA



ISSN:2078-7952 (print)

EISSN: 2078-7960 (online)




Submission and Reviewing Guidelines:

Review Process

The "Jordan ACM Chapter - ISWSA Bulletin" reviews all submitted papers openly and transparently. All submitted papers are posted on the journal's website http://ijj.acm.org and are publicly available. Low quality papers are rejected.

Public reviews are very important to us and e-mails about the quality of posted papers are encouraged. All reports of plagiarism are promptly investigated. Reviewers may submit anonymous reviews if they so choose and will be notified once a decision is reached.

After a minimum of 4 weeks following the notification, authors are required to sign a copyright release form if the paper is accepted. If the paper is rejected, the paper and its reviews are removed from the web site.

Style Guidelines:

See http://ijj.acm.org/submissions for submitting. The paper presentation and language should be  readable with no prejudice or sexist terms. Authors must submit original work as all submissions are checked for plagiarism. Quoted passages may not exceed 1% of submitted paper.


The abstract may not start with the words, "This paper". Avoid long abstracts of more than 200 words

Citations and the Reference List

Only publicly available publications may be cited. ACM style reference list are recommended.

Once Accepted:

Copyright and Use Agreement

Once the paper is accepted, each author will be asked to sign a copyright form.

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