Jordan ACM Chapter - ISWSA Bulletin considers the design, performance, and evaluation of innovate software that helps users find relevant information quickly. The major topics of Jordan ACM Chapter - ISWSA Bulletin include but not limited to:

  1. Semantic Information Retrieval; Semantic Web; Social Web.
  2. Digital Libraries; Search Engines.
  3. Human Computer Interaction (HCI); Information Visualization.
  4. Natural Language Processing; Machine Translation.
  5. Knowledge Engineering and Information Representation;
  6. Access Methods; Perfect Hashing; Trees; Spatial Indexes; Random Projections.
  7. Genomic Databases.
  8. Multimedia Information Systems.
  9. Geographic Information Systems.
  10. Reasoning; Answer Sets; Semantic Spaces.
  11. Tutoring Systems; E-learning; Moodle.
  12. Collaborative Virtual Environments; Intelligent Interfaces; Second Life.
  13. Wireless ad-hoc Networks; Wireless Protocols (WiFi, WiMax).
  14. Smart Antenna Design and Systems.