Volume 1,  No. 3,  September 2010

Accepted Articles Information
  1. Mohammad Mustafa Taye

    State-of-the-Art: Ontology Matching Techniques and Ontology Mapping Systems

    Page(s): 68-85


  2. Elarbi Badidi and Larbi Esmahi

    A Scalable Framework for Provisioning Context-aware Application Services with High-quality Context Information

    Page(s): 86-97

  3. Kamal R. Al-Rawi and Consuelo Gonzalo

    Flagged and Compact Fuzzy ART:  Fuzzy ART in more efficient forms

    Page(s): 98-117


  4. Saleh M. Al-Saleem

    Associative Classification to Categorize Arabic Data Sets

    Page(s): 118-127


  5. Jasma Balasangameshwara and Nedunchezhian Raju

    A Decentralized Recent Neighbor Load Balancing Algorithm for Computational Grid

    Page(s): 128-133


  6. Abdel Rahman H. Hussein, Sufian Yousef, Samir Al-Khayatt, and Omar S. Arabeyyat

    A Novel Weighted Distributed Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

    Page(s): 124-143